Machen Journal #5

Chapter 5

In this chapter Machen talked about Christ, to start he also brings up three points covering the differences between liberalism and Christianity that the book as covered so far. This includes the view of God and the view of man, the presuppositions of the Christian message, and the time frame of the Bible. It is important to understand that the basic foundations of liberalism and Christianity differ. “We must consider the Person upon whom the message is based. That person is Jesus. And their attitude toward Jesus, liberalism, and Christianity are sharply opposed.” (Machen) Machen proves that the foundation of the Bible, the person of whom it about differs in options between both liberalism and Christianity.

How do we know how to be a Christian? What do we use as the model? Well Machen states that “ if you are looking for a complete illustration of the Christian life, we cannot find it in the religious experience of Jesus.” (Machen) We are all broken sinners whom without Jesus would be separated from God forever. Jesus came down from heaven to be in this world but not of this world. Jesus did not sin, he was perfect. Therefore, “The religion which Jesus had was not Christianity. Christianity is a way of getting rid of sin, and Jesus was without sin. His religion was a religion of Paradise, not a religion of sinful humanity.” (Machen) Jesus was not necessary a Christian because Christianity is for those who are broken to be saved and be with the Father. Jesus was already with the father, but he came down to be a sacrifice for us to get that opportunity to be with Christ. Jesus is our sacrifice for our brokenness. Machen states that “The religion of Jesus was a relation of untroubled sonship; Christianity is a religion of the attainment of sonship by redeeming work of Christ.” (Machen) The relationship between Christ and Jesus was one of Father and son as well as God and man. This is a relationship I don’t think that in this lifetime we will understand. Our relationship between Christ and Jesus are different because we are broken and need them to make us whole as well as saving us from our sin. Jesus is whole and sinless. “Jesus certainty led a true human life, and in it, he came into those varied human relationships which provide an opportunity for moral achievement.”(Machen) Jesus had a human life full of perfect purity, unselfishness, caring, perfect. All that Jesus did, he did to the fullest. Yes, he is not a broken sinner like us humans. Yet, we still need to use his life as an example of what we should strive for. We will not make all the goals because we are not perfect but life like Jesus had given us great examples of how we should treat others as well as ourselves. In conclusion, the relationship between Christ and Jesus is a different type of relationship that we have. Jesus set the standard for us Christians.



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