Machen Entry Journal #1

Chapter 1 Journal;

Honestly, I had a hard time understanding this chapter, but I did a couple of new things I would like to share. First, I learned what Liberalism and Legalistic are and the differences. This was a difficult topic for me to understand because I have never been taught this before. In my understanding, Liberalism is when you are learning and growing in your church as a Christan, you tend to be influenced by the church you attend. Liberalism is more open and better at accepting as well as explain more of how can apply this to my life in their sermons. While on the other hand legalistic view on the church is more of a right and wrong perspective as well as strictly following the rule stated in the bible. Another difference is found in the sermons, Legalistic have a view of working through the word itself and what it means. Both of these falls under Christians they both believe that God is our savior.

According to the book naturalism Liberalism is more of the modern way of thinking. “The rise of this modern naturalistic liberalism has not come by chance but has been occasioned by important changes which have recently taken place in the conditions of life. The past one hundred years witnessed the beginning of a new era in human history, which may conceivably be regretted, but certainly cannot be ignored.” (Machen) This quote shows how in a new era of time and new generation like many things there is a new perspective and take on how liberalism and the church is affected by this new generation. Another quote that goes along with this point is “Modern inventions and industrialism that has been built upon them have given us in many respects a new world to live in; we can no more remove ourselves from that world than we can escape from the atmosphere that we breath.” (Machen) I think that this is a powerful statement because we cannot escape that we are in the world but not of the world. Meaning that we live in the world, but we are not found in the world, our home is in Heaven with God but for now, we are in the world and we must not become of the world, acting like the world.

According to the book, “ But the Christian religion which is meant is not the religion of the modern liberal church, but a message of divine grace, almost forgotten now, as it was in the middle ages, but destined to burst forth once more in God’s good time, in a new Reformation, and bring light and freedom to mankind.” (Machen) This is a great point to make because no matter if you are under the liberal or naturalistic what matters, is the correct message of the truth of God's divine grace and forgiveness. No matter the times or generations God has stayed the same and his love for us has stayed the same through it all.



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