Bonhoeffer Journal #2

Chapter 2

This week’s reading of “Life Together” by Dietrich Bonhoeffer, it talks about the aspects of a day with others, meaning how we can have the community with others and serving our God. These steps include reading the scriptures, worship through singing, praying for one another and with one another, and the days work. The step that stood out to me was reading the scriptures and singing worship with others. The reading of the scriptures Bonhoeffer states that “This was discovered by many to their grateful astonishment particularly during the church struggle. But there can be equally little doubt that belief versus cannot and should not take their place of reading the holy scripture as a whole.” (Bonhoeffer) He shares that when reading the scriptures, we are to read them as a whole. I don’t think that here he is saying all in one sitting but more of reading the Scriptures in the context of the whole Bible. Reading the Bible as a whole is important because it is one unit as a whole. Bonhoeffer states that “It is God’s revealed word for all men, for all times period holy scripture does not consist of individual passes; Is a unit and it is intended to be used as such.”(Bonhoeffer) The Holy Scriptures is a unit, a whole not the induvial verses. This means that each verse needs the context of another, and they work together. God made the Bible how it is for a reason, this reason is that we need each word, if we didn’t, he wouldn’t have put it in there. God knows what he is doing. Therefore, it is important that we don’t take a verse out of the context of the rest or only read certain verses.

Each part of the Scripture “The scripture is a whole in every word, every sentence possesses such multiple relationships with the whole thing it is impossible always to keep the whole in view when listening to details. It becomes imperative, therefore, that the whole scripture in hence every passage in it as well suppresses our understanding. It is good for us to be daily reminded of this fact, which again points to Jesus Christ himself.”(Bonhoeffer) This quote brings in the fact each verse is important, every word is important. Like I stated before God doesn’t make mistakes, everything in the Bible is filled with what we need to read, understand, and know. God has a purpose even when we can’t see it at the moment. His understanding is above ours; we won’t know everything but that doesn’t mean we stop reading and praying. This chapter also talks about how when we read the Bible, we also need to sing hymns. “The prayers of the psalms and the reading of the Scriptures should be followed by singing together of a hymn, this being the voice of the Church, praising, thinking, and praying.” (Bonhoeffer) Here Bonhoeffer is trying to portray the importance of worshiping together with other believers. We are called to do so; we are to praise the Lord with our actions as well. When we come together as a Church of Christians and sing the hymns, we are praising the Lord. Bonhoeffer explains this well in the second chapter of this book. Coming together as a community of Christians to do life together and serve our faithful Lord is so important.



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